Brand New Coaching Certification (just for women)



I have something exciting to share…

One of my dear friends has created something so valuable to women all across the globe, and I feel inspired to connect you with her.

I know there can be a lot of confusion about Coaching, what it really takes to get trained or certified, and what the best program is for you to become a masterful coach.

They way I see it is a stellar Coaching Certification Program should have:

·         A leader capable of teaching the art of coaching in a masterful way

·         Mentorship to help you create a solid business that can fund the lifestyle you desire.

·         Training on business structures so you can run your coaching practice (instead of it running you) and from anywhere in the world.

·         Personal development so that your issues are resolved and you feel confident to coach any client.

·         Educating great coaches who are not just talented, but also have a strong wealth consciousness and are well supported financially.

·         Knowledge of client attraction, high-end clients, and how to work with them in person and virtually.

·         Networking opportunities with other high caliber leaders in your niche.

Gina DeVee has put this all together in such a chic and boutique way.  She has designed her coaching certification program that integrates ALL of what women coaches and serviced based professionals desire.

A holistic approach to for women coaches to have it all:  coaching mastery, business excellence, wealth consciousness, lifestyle, spirituality and femininity.

If you’ve been looking for a transformational Coaching Certification Program that will truly help you reach your skillset, mindset, spiritual, financial and lifestyle goals, then look no further…

<<< Learn about The Academy:  Coaching Certification Program for Women here >>>

Gina has put together a video series for you from Paris to learn more about her and her work and style.

The video training will share how Gina went from overworked, underpaid and struggling… to living, working and playing all over the world, and also teach you how to transform your money story.

She’s also going to share with you “The Suppressed Secret of Millions of Women.”

I really want you to have this gift.

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P.S. Feminine divine living combined with coaching and business skills is the movement we’ve all been waiting for. Gina’s taking it to the highest level possible.

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