Are You Afraid of The Right Man?

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2 thoughts on “Are You Afraid of The Right Man?

  1. Tiffany we’ve been on similar relationship journeys.. though the type of man might differ, i too, always choose the one who i would leave, even though this was subconscious for so long…. consciously I’m ready and willing for real love, subconsciously i fight it.. or hopefully fought it..and will come out winning..2014 the year for big love for me 🙂 i am consciously being aware of and watching my thoughts and reactions around relationship discussions, men i meet etc. and rerouting towards positive, albeit, foreign beliefs… love all your writings on this.. they must resonate with so many women.. thank you ❤

    • Thank you, Caroline! It’s something so many of us do. We’re afraid of real love so we develop a safe problem of attracting men who’ll keep us from the real thing, while at the same time giving us the feeling of moving forward. And when it comes to calling in big love, I believe you’re just about there 🙂 xx

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